I will dive deep into money saving habits while cooking for your family and working on that food budget. Let's start with a chicken, and the 10+ ways you can create a meal out of only 1 chicken!

Hi, I’m John Grouber

I was a self taught cook, that turned into a professionally trained chef. I have learned tons of secrets that while help save you time and money in the kitchen. In fact, extreme SAVINGS. Saving on a food budget is the first step to financial success, in the professional kitchen and at HOME.

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101: Fundamentals

Winner, Winner, How Many Chicken Dinners? Learn with John Grouber and find out how many chicken dinners you can get from only one chicken. You will also learn many cooking techniques from professional kitchens. You will have access to this course for a year after purchase.

Roasted Chicken

Marinated Wings Jerk-style

Braised Chicken Thighs