Cooking with freshest and most local ingredients is not just a trend. Join me as we learn the basics of this food movement and reap the fresh bounties of what we sow in this course.

Want to Expand Your Kitchen Into a Responsible and Sustainable Farm-to-Table Kitchen?

I'm going to teach you the basic fundamental concepts behind the Farm to Table, or recently renamed, Farm to Fork movement in today's ever changing food culture.

Learn more about the movement of counterculture, vegetarianism, environmentalism, food chain supply, local foods, and using ingredients in creative ways to reduce food waste.

As always, I promise this course is budget friendly.

-Chef John Grouber

What's in Season?

Eating what's in season has been known to be a great way to adjust your diet for optimum health. And how to optimize your budget. Fruits and vegetables are much cheaper when they are in season and plentiful, plus they taste better too!

Planning for The Future

The Farm to Table movement revolves around a few common principles. Self- reliance, self-sustainabilty, and self-preservation. I teach you all of these and how to plan for the future in this course.

Zero Waste Focus

Many recipes in this course focus, on methods of cooking that focus on using all of your ingredients. Not only are we focusing on fresh ingredients, but also pantry staples as well. Waste not, want not!

Farm to Table Essentials and Dairy-Free Alternatives from your own kitchen!