I'm so glad you are here! Really I am!

For those of you that don't know me, my name is John Grouber. I've been cooking my entire life but it was later on that I enrolled in a Culinary Arts School. I then became trained as a professional chef and learned the ins and outs of being a restauranteur.

My biggest passion is creating amazing meals on a tight budget. So this particular course highlights just that. Enjoyable family meals that you can enjoy without breaking the bank, without special ingredients, or individual trips to specialty shops.

Lets take this journey through history, and see what our ancestors did to feed themselves when times were tough.

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Cooking With John Grouber: On A Budget

Learning how to save money through history!

This course is a highlight of many recipes that were popular through history as well as easy on the budget. You will learn the origins of the recipes and ingredients as we learn delicious recipes for you and your family! (The duration of your purchase is 10 months.)

Each Video Lesson in this course generally costs $20 each, but instead you are getting these Lessons for less than $3 a piece, Holy Wow! That's amazing!